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Jun 17, 2013 5:30am PDT
is on boosting the global economy, but the war in syria is dominating diplomacy ahead of the meeting. our diplomatic editor says divisions are growing between russia and other members of the group are good -- group. >> i think there is some trust between two people, the foreign ministers john kerry, the u.s. secretary of state, and the russian foreign minister sergey lever of. when you go wider and the two administrations, there is not much trust. on the american side, they believe that russia is seriously supporting assad's ongoing onslaught which saw the fall of qusayr. i think that is one of the factors, that seriously worried the obama administration. are the russians really serious? or are they just talking about going to geneva and in the meantime trying to win the battle on the ground, giving assad a lot of assistance? the russians make the point that we have the assad regime to go to geneva. or at least they say they will go to geneva, while the americans -- their job was to bring the opposition to the negotiating table. they have not achieved that. the opposition has not signed o
Jun 16, 2013 2:00pm PDT
to be there on this path. >> issues at the forefront of people's minds are economy and unemployment. iran has a young population that is highly educated, but many are struggling to find jobs. >> hassan rouhani is not new to politics and is an outspoken critic of ahmadinejad. his election in 2005 he resigned from his post. >> i expect him to at least record -- restore the economic situation to what it was eight years ago. i live in my country and i expect to live in my country comfortably. >> i wanted economy to be fixed. that is one of the most important problems. i used to be a shopkeeper, but i quit. is note hassan rouhani the -- >> if we want to choose a way to develop a country and ensure the welfare of the people and establish peace and stability, there is no better way than enforcing the law and remaining committed to the law. >> hassan rouhani is a longtime friend of the man who holds the real power in iran, the supreme leader. while he says he wants to reach out by getting away from extremism in foreign-policy, he has almost -- also promised there will be no surrender to western demands. a ra
Jun 17, 2013 7:00pm PDT
are crippling iran's economy and creating unemployment. rouhani says they are backwards and regressive and now is a time of opportunity for improves international relations. he expressed his hope for better relations with arab countries and an end to the syrian conflict. >> the problems facing syria today can only be resolved by the people of syria. the destiny of syria can only be decided by the syrian people. >> rouhani is expected to take office in a month and a half. until then, mahmoud ahmadinejad is still the president and now has been summoned to court in november after parliamentary speaker larijani filed an official complaint. the contents are unknown. it appears mahmoud ahmadinejad will still be in the spotlight even after he leaves office. al jazeera, tehran. >> you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories. the war in syria is dominating most of the talks in the g-8 summit in northern ireland. vladimir putin and barack obama have met but are struggling to agree on a way to end the violence. the british government meanwhile has been accused of spying on foreign leaders i
Jun 18, 2013 5:30am PDT
economy and its problems. halfey represent just over of the $71.7 trillion global economy. we are live close to where the summit is taking place. they were all smiles in front of the cameras, but behind closed doors, was it a different story? >> apart from vladimir putin. >> of course. >> for all of the talk that the g8 is seen as talking shop and cannot get things done -- syria, for example -- i have to say the british, in particular, this morning have been making positive noise on forward movement on better tax arrangements. the british chancellor said there had been more progress made in the last 24 hours than the last 24 years. what they are trying to do our new arrangements on two different issues -- corporate tax avoidance, multinationals in theing tax loopholes europe and the developing world, and on tax evasion, which is illegal, even though tax avoidance is legal. ory are trying to close down get better transparency on all of these british islands, to see where money might be being hidden you legally. the great -- illegally. the great prize is if they get the people to pay tax
Jun 19, 2013 7:00pm PDT
for us in germany and in europe of which would be a great project between the two largest economies in the world is the free trade agreement. i am very glad we started to talk about this. i want to say for the german side that we are committed to it. both economies will benefit from it and it would also add nursemaid to the global world -- nourishment to the global world. >> obama made his speech in front of us liked crowd of vips and students. he remains better liked than many foreign leaders. or than 80% of germans say they approve of his policies. >> a former university professor from the u.s. has been arrested days after making the fbi's 10 most wanted list. childfacing charges of exploitation and traveling to the philippines to have underage sex. the 64-year-old was arrested on the caribbean coast. fashion designers dolce and gabbana have been found guilty of tax evasion in italy. a court gave the two men and a suspended jail sentence and a fine for hundreds of millions of dollars -- for hiding hundreds of millions of dollars from tax authorities. italy, tax evasion never goes
Jun 20, 2013 5:30am PDT
of it is a collection of shabby tents, it is more like a city with its own economy, institutions, social fabric. so dismantling this place is more complex than simply pulling up those tents. arrivalse earliest pitched camp here in the first wave in 1994. he now has a thriving business, two wives, and three grandchildren with another on the way. there is still a lot of danger. i recognize it is my homeland but i cannot go back there. in my heart, this is my home. this is where i have lived peacefully for a long time. a refugee camp for many, a real home for many more. >> there is a drive britain to draft new laws that could see reckless bankers jailed. the british government supports a recommendation a by a committee reviewing banking standards in the uk, making bank a such as this in a criminal offense. >> as they put it, high standards in banking should not be a substitute for global success. on the contrary, can a -- they can be a stimulus to it. we already support of the recommendations on new criminal and canceling bonuses where bands are bailed out. been --on designer has fashion designers hav
Jun 20, 2013 7:00pm PDT
to america. the fed has announced it may no longer buy bonds to release money into the u.s. economy. u.s. stocks went down by more than two percent, the deepest single day fall since november. disappointing chinese economic data also hurt local sentiment. korean rebels are asking for more military support from its international palace. members of the free syrian army say a no-fly zone over parts of the country could help her event a unitarian disaster. -- a humanitarian disaster. the group believes syrian government forces will try to retake aleppo. a video posted online shows them battling government fighters there. the un's, humanitarian chief has given her assessment of the crisis. valerie amos says this disregard for human life and dignity has reached unprecedented levels in syria. she has been briefing members of the security council. >> a u.n. joint assessment mission was finally allowed on the 15th of june. they basically found a ghost town. weeks of heavy fighting and shelling have left the city almost totally destroyed. , raised my concerns that where there is active conflict
Jun 14, 2013 7:00pm PDT
many, the economy forthright in their minds when they went to the ballot box. >> this current situation should be change. you know how tough it is for people. people suffer from high prices. >> eight years of auckland in the jobs credit is a -- the sanctions have heard. , itue to increasing prices is getting worse and worse. i want stations to be lifted. >> he urged all iranians to come out and vote, saying it was not only their national duty, that the religious duty. point. in the size that -- leaders emphasized that point. >> the government has been eager to ensure there is no repeat of the pro-reformist demonstrations, and violence which marge -- marred the elections four years ago. the voting shows iranians do care about who their next president will be. the interior ministry extended the hours of voting three times on friday. pose -- polls opened at 8:00 in the morning. that is, the polls were extended for the interior ministry for the surge of voters. they predicted a turnout of 70% of people. even after when they lock the doors, they let the people inside cast their vote. one of
Jun 18, 2013 7:00pm PDT
with the government for some sort of economy. it is believed this is what will happen in the and. they will be raised here. it is still partially under rebel control. the african union and the un and france sponsored the talks. they hope both sides will be able to coexist peacefully and preserve the unity of molly and her together to rebuild the nation. >> people in singapore have been dealing with some of the worst air pollution over 16 years. the thick haze is being blamed on fires in nearby indonesia. 155 whicheading hit is considered unhealthy. the world's biggest greenhouse as emitter is embarking on carbon trading plan. the government may make it national. it is not just environmental concerns behind the greens game. andrising middle-class global demands for its products has made china the biggest industrial center on the planet but it has also made it one of the filthiest. >> china has seven of the dirtiest cities in the world. >> a new study shows air pollution from 196 coal-fired power stations caused almost -- many deaths. asthma andases of bronchitis. the study is co-authored by an america
Jun 22, 2013 7:00am PDT
adopted several measures aimed .t used in the economy saudi arabia has announced .nother death and 81-year-old man died in the eastern province. six of the new cases have been registered. experts are nearing the end of a four-day meeting to discuss ways to tackle the virus. 70 cases have been confirmed worldwide. 39 people have died, 33 of them in saudi arabia. a humorous but hard-hitting political satire has become a box office hit on the sri lankan state. it's so popular, even the president came to watch. >> poking fun at politicians, it's brought hundreds of people, some as early as 6:00 in the morning, to queue for tickets. >> last time, i missed the tickets. i was there for about two hours, and when it came to my chance, they were sold out. >> seats for the first day of the show sold out and half an hour. 10 more were scheduled with some live assaults. >> i only go with the headline. editor has full freedom to decide. >> the show was created six years ago. it emerged after the title featured title role in another play drew the loudest laughs. ,his show has a loyal following although a
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)